Tom Wehrle

Tom Wehrle is a pop/rock singer & songwriter based in St. Louis, MO.

Kojo Linder

Kojo Linder is an R&B/pop writer & producer from Minneapolis, MN.

Daniel Holter and Mike Standal

Daniel Holter & Mike Standal are pop writers & producers from Milwaukee, WI.

Beth Thornley

Beth Thornley is a modern rock singer/songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA.

Alex Woodard

Alex Woodard is a rock/pop singer/songwriter based in San Diego, CA.

Nick Hinton

Nick Hinton is a pop/AC singer & songwriter based in London, England.

Bryan Master

Bryan Master is a rock/pop singer/songwriter from New York City.

Kim Erin

Kim Erin is rock singer/songwriter and Michael Whittaker is a writer/producer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Roger Chamberlain and Roger Brakefield

Chamberlain & Brakefield are pop songwriters & producers from Phoenix, AZ.

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