Zach Top

Interview with Zach Top about his hit “Sounds Like the Radio,” his new album, his songwriting, and his love of traditional country music.

Ian Hunter

Interview with Ian Hunter about his new album, which features many top artists including Brian May, Jeff Beck, Cheap Trick and Def Leppard.

Burton Cummings

Burton Cummings tells how he co-wrote the Guess Who hits “American Woman,” “These Eyes,” “No Time” and “Laughing.”

John Ondrasik

Interview with John Ondrasik, about his new songs, classic songs, and his work to raise money for music programs in schools.

Michael Marcagi

Interview with folk/rock artist Michael Marcagi, about his debut EP American Romance, and his breakthrough song, “Scared to Start.”

Allison Ponthier

Interview with Allison Ponthier about her new songs “Skin” and “Lie Detector,” her upcoming EP, and how she wrote her earlier songs.

Serona Elton

Serena Elton, the MLC’s Head of Educational Partnerships, discusses streaming royalties for songwriters & music publishers.

Willow Avalon

Interview with pop/country/folk artist Willow Avalon, about her excellent new EP Stranger and how she wrote her songs.

Winona Oak

Interview with singer/songwriter Winona Oak about her new singles, her upcoming EP called Void, and signing with Nettwerk Records.

hannah ellis 391

Interview with country singer/songwriter Hannah Ellis about her debut album, That Girl, her popular singles, and her songwriting.

Corey Kent

Interview with Corey Kent about his big hit “Wild As Her,” his new single “Something’s Gonna Kill Me,” and his album, Blacktop.

brian kelley 391

Interview with Brian Kelley about his new hit “See You Next Summer,” his upcoming album, and his hit songs with Florida Georgia Line.

Cynthia Erivo

Interview with acclaimed artist Cynthia Erivo about her new movie, Drift, her movie Harriet, and her work as a singer/songwriter.

George Birge

Interview with George Birge, about his hit “Mind On You,” his debut album, and his journey to make it in the music business.

Alysa Vanderheym

Interview with Alysa Vanderheym, who has received acclaim for her work with Kelsea Ballerini, Florida Georgia Line and Jelly Roll.

Sam Fischer

Interview with Sam Fischer about his debut album, and how he wrote his songs “This City,” “What Other People Say” and “Hard to Love.”

Zoe Wees

Interview with Zoe Wees about her debut album, her hit “Control,” and writing her new songs “Sorry for the Drama” and “Lightning.”

Mitchell Tenpenny

Interview with Mitchell Tenpenny, who tells how he wrote his hits “We Got History,” “Truth About You,” and his duet hit with Chris Young.

Colbie Caillat

Interview with Colbie Caillat about the making of her new album, Along The Way. This album marks her transition into country music.

AJ Croce

Interview with A.J. Croce, about performing his father Jim Croce’s classic songs on tour, and his own albums and songwriting.

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