Ryan Fitch

Ryan Fitch offers insights into the world of music for advertising, and what music producers are looking for. He works with both composers & songwriters for his projects.

Panos Panay

Panay, who has become a major figure in the indie world, tells how Sonicbids helps market artists and songwriters.

Barbara Cane

Barbara Cane talks about her 25-year career at BMI, and about the workshops and programs she oversees.

Brendan Okrent

Okrent, Sr. Director at ASCAP’s Los Angeles office, discusses the programs and showcases she supervises.

Billy Steinberg

Steinberg is know for writing many hit songs, but he also takes pride in managing his publishing catalog.

Judy Stakee and Sheryl Crow

Stakee, who is now an independent publisher, recalls how she signed and worked with Sheryl Crow when she was at Warner-Chappell Music.

Tom Sturges

Tom Sturges. former Head of Creative at Universal Publishing, talks about his great career, and his many writer signings.

Beyonce and Teresa LaBarbera Whites

This prominent pop A&R exec recalls her days at Sony, where she signed Destiny’s Child and Jessica Simpson.

HIlary Duff and Jay Landers

Respected A&R exec Landers, who is now Sr. VP at Sony, did this interview when he worked at Disney Records.

Ringo Starr, Brad Rosenberger and Rick Shoemaker

Rosenberger has remained a prominent exec at Warner-Chappell, marketing the company’s great catalogs.

Mark Barron and Rihanna

Barron discusses the state of the music industry and performance income, and the history and growth of BMI.

John Alexander, Alanis Morissette and Glen Ballard.

Alexander, who was Sr. VP at ASCAP, tells how he discovered and worked with Alanis Morissette when he was at MCA Publishing.

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