This service provides valuable feedback and evaluation for songwriters and artists who are working to perfect their music. Each song submitted shall receive a comprehensive evaluation, with the lyric, music, performance, production, and market potential all fully reviewed. Whether the submission is professional and near-perfect, or in a much rougher form, we will make the suggestions necessary to maximize the potential of your song. Rough demos are truly welcome. We can supply important feedback to you before a large sum is spent making your definitive recording.

At this time, Dale Kawashima (veteran music publisher/A&R and Head of SongwriterUniverse) will be writing every evaluation. The evaluation will be a detailed, typed analysis of every facet of your song and demo.

Importantly, all songs submitted for our Song Evaluation Service will become automatically eligible to win the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest, at no extra charge. (This is optional; writers can decline to enter this contest).


Here are recent testimonials for our Song Evaluation Service:

Utilizing the SongwriterUniverse song evaluation service led to our song winning the first 'Best Song Of The Month' Contest. Whether you are new to songwriting or experienced, Dale's extensive expertise provides you with constructive criticism, bringing your songs up to the next level. If you're looking to grow as a songwriter, we highly recommend the services of SongwriterUniverse.
Chamberlain & Brakefield
Phoenix, AZ, USA   I
I have been submitting my songs for critiques by Dale at SongwriterUniverse since 2001 and have benefitted greatly from his evaluations. No other critiques have provided me with as much useful feedback as Dale's. His comments are always very incisive and helpful, and have enabled me to improve my songwriting significantly over the last few years.
Paul Knox
Ebersberg, Bavaria, Germany   I
The SongwriterUniverse website is informative, visually clear and very welcoming. The song evaluations have helped me to take a closer and more honest look at various aspects of my own songwriting process. Dale's comments have inspired me to take an idea or a set of lyrics further than I would have in the past, and to be more aware of what's needed in a song.
Meg Tennant
Vancouver, BC, Canada   I

Fees & Instructions

You can submit your material for review to SongwriterUniverse by sending us the MP3 of your song. You have a choice of submitting a three-song submittal, or a one-song submittal. All submittals will be reviewed promptly, and your evaluation shall be sent to you via e-mail within 7-14 days from the date we receive your mp3s, or your CD package.

  • The fee for the three-song evaluation is $60.00 U.S.
  • The fee for the one-song evaluation is $30.00 U.S.

How to submit your MP3s:
Please submit three songs (or one song) via MP3 to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. Please paste your lyrics into the actual text of your e-mail, and not in an attachment. Or, if your songs are already available online, just send us the link to your site, and we will go there to hear your songs. If your lyrics are not available on the site, please send them to us via e-mail. For payment, please scroll down to pay via PayPal or credit card by clicking the appropriate “Add To Cart.”.


To pay for the Song Evaluation Service (3 songs) via PayPal or credit card, $60.00 U.S., please click the “Add To Cart” button directly below and follow the instructions. Thank you.

To pay for the Song Evaluation Service (1 song) via PayPal or credit card, $30.00 U.S., please click the “Add To Cart” button directly below and follow the instructions. Thank you.

If you have any questions regarding our Song Evaluation Service, please e-mail us, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.