Soul/jazz superstar Sade talks about her first studio album in 10 years, and how she wrote the songs.

John Legend

Grammy-winning artist Legend tells how he wrote the songs for his album, and talks about his other projects.

Tricky Stewart

C. Tricky Stewart tells how he co-wrote the hits “Single Ladies” and “Umbrella,” and talks about his Redzone record label.

Bryan-Michael Cox

Cox, who is known as one of the top R&B writer/producers, tells how he wrote several of his hit songs.

Mike Elizondo

Elizondo, a top hitmaker in urban music, tells how he co-wrote “In Da Club,” “Just Lose It” and other hits.

Johnta Austin

This Atlanta-based writer/producer & artist tells how he co-wrote the smash hit “We Belong Together.”

Raheem DeVaughn

DeVaughn tells how he wrote the songs for this album, which followed up his Grammy-nominated debut album.

Brenda Russell

Veteran hit songwriter Russell (“Piano In The Dark,” “Get Here”) tells how she wrote the songs for this hit musical.


This interview with Ne-Yo is from 2007, when he was just breaking through as an artist and hit songwriter.


Grammy-winning artist Speech discusses his solo album, and his work with Arrested Development.

Jamie Foxx

Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx discusses the making of his debut album on J Records.

Kirk Franklin

Platinum-selling gospel artist Franklin talks about his album, and how his religious faith inspires his music.

Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder talks in-depth about his 2005 album, which features guest appearances by Prince, Paul McCartney and Bonnie Raitt.

Cory Rooney

Cory Rooney tells how he wrote such hits as “I Need To Know,” “Independent Women, Pt. 1,” and “I’m Real.”

Donell Jones

Jones discusses his latest album, and how he collaborated with Jermaine Dupri, Mike City, and Tim & Bob.

Frankie J

Frankie J talks about the making of his album, and how he co-wrote his hit “That Girl.”

Tricky Stewart and Mya

Stewart, who remains one of urban music’s top hitmakers, talks about his early success in this 2005 interview.

Tamara Savage

Savage tells how she co-wrote such hits as “The First Night” for Monica and “Heartbreak Hotel” for Whitney Houston.

Greg Lawson

This is a fascinating article about how Greg Lawson went from being struggling and broke, to co-writing the #1 smash “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” for Jennifer Lopez.

Terry Coffey and Jon Nettlesbey

These R&B hit writer/producers tell how they landed a big job – writing and producing the jingles “Always Coca-Cola” for Coke.

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