Southwest Songwriters Association (SWSWA). Contact David M. Kidd (Founder and Chairman) at 580-357-2339. 4704 NW Motif Manor, Suite 3, Lawton, OK, 73501. e-mail: [email protected]. Founded just four years ago, this association is growing fast with a large membership. SWSWA strives to help artists and music lovers network by means of songwriting festivals, charity benefit concerts, concert tours and workshops. The group hosts an annual festival, featuring live performances by a wide range of artists and bands. Website

Oklahoma Songwriters And Composers Association (OSCA). President: Georgette Colson. Vice President: Scott Taylor. P.O. Box 6152, Moore, OK, 73153-0152. OSCA is a non-profit, all volunteer organization which provides educational opportunities for songwriters of all styles of music. For membership inquiries, contact Ann Wilson Hardin, e-mail: [email protected]. Website

Songwriters of Oklahoma. President: Harvey Derrick. 405-348-6534. P.O. Box 4121, Edmond, OK, 73083-4121. e-mail: [email protected].This non-profit organization offers information about the music industry and free services such as: reviewing publishing/artists contracts, demo producers and studios, royalties, copyrights and the craft of songwriting. There is no cost or membership fee.

Tulsa Songwriters Association. P.O. Box 254, Tulsa, OK 74101-0254. (918) 492-0366. President: Bob Jamison. e-mail: [email protected]. Established in 1983, this association consists of songwriters and musicians, covering all types of music. The main purpose of the organization is “to create a forum to educate, develop, improve, and discover and encourage songwriting in Tulsa and surrounding area.” They offer competitions, lectures, performance opportunities, field trips, social outings, instruction, newsletter and workshops. They also hold a monthly Writer’s Night (open to the public) for performance of original songs.

Songwriters Association Of Norman (SWAN). The SongWriters Association of Norman, Oklahoma (SWAN) is a non-profit group organized under the Norman Arts Council and is designed to promote and support the creation of original music in the greater Norman community. E-mail: [email protected]. Website


Central Oregon Songwriters Association (COSA). Contact President Barry Stranahan at 541-548-3547. 1811 S.W. Juniper Ave., Redmond, OR, 97756. e-mail: [email protected]. This association was founded eight years ago and has about 30 members. The group meets once a month (at Abby’s Pizza on Third St. in Bend, OR), where they perform live, critique songs and often collaborate. They also hold a “song of the month” contest, where they select their favorite new song written by one of its members. COSA also networks with the larger Portland Songwriters Association (PSA). Website

Songwriters Workshop (in Eugene, OR). Contact: Rocky Montenegro, 541-345-1956. P.O. Box 5021, Eugene, OR 97405. e-mail: [email protected]. This organization meets the second Saturday of nearly every month (usually skipping July and December). They start at 11:00 a.m. and stop by 1:00 p.m. Songwriters present their original songs to the group for constructive review. They also provide support and feedback, and share tips and lessons. Website

Portland Songwriters Association (PSA). President: Judith Adams. Secretary & Membership Chairman: Karolyn Laster. 503-727-9072. P.O. Box 16985, Portland, OR, 97292-0985. e-mail: [email protected]. This organization has about 300 members, holds monthly workshops and showcases, and publishes a newsletter. PSA was established to provide educational and networking opportunities for its membership, and to develop the songwriting talents of its members. Website