Las Vegas Songwriters Association. Contact Betty Miller, President, at 702-223-7255. P.O. Box 42683, Las Vegas, NV, 89116. e-mail: [email protected]. Founded in 1983, this organization hosts many workshops and meetings to assist their songwriter members. Members (who write mostly pop and country music) can attend weekly, Thursday evening workshops to present new songs and exchange feedback. The first meeting of each month is more extensive, with jam session and co-writing sessions taking place.

Reno Regional Workshop for NSAI. Contact Coordinators Doug Robertson and Marty Easter at 775-972-9351. e-mail: [email protected]. This songwriting group’s schedule of meetings and events can be found at this Website

Via The Fantasy Flight Songwriter Network. Contact Farrah Reizana, Director, at 702-614-9113. P.O. Box 46015, Las Vegas, NV, 89114. e-mail: [email protected]. This organization gives practical and emotional support to each other, and pools its resources. Members receive a newsletter and a database of other songwriters, singers, musicians, independent labels, producers and attorneys. All genres of music are welcome. Website

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chapter of NSAI. Contact Regional Coordinator: Debra Alexander at 603-735-6275. e-mail: [email protected]. This NSAI Chapter regional workshop typically meets on the second Monday of every month from 6:45-9:45 PM at The Tracy Memorial Library in New London, NH.. Meetings include discussions on the craft and business of songwriting, writing exercises, song critiques, and occasional guest speakers.

New Jersey

The Princeton Songwriters (NSAI). Coordinators: John Sontag and Mark Mooney. P.O. Box 5313, Clinton, NJ, 08809. This organization is the Princeton, NJ chapter of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI). The group holds workshop/meetings twice monthly (except for June-August, when there is one monthly meeting). The meetings are held in New Brunswick, NJ., and include songwriting lessons, peer song critiques and discussions. The primary goal of the workshops is to help educate the songwriters, both in terms of the writing process and the music business. Website

New Jersey Songwriter’s Circle. Contact David Kleiner at 973-429-0288. e-mail: [email protected]. This group, which consists primarily of singer/songwriters, meets the first Thursday of every month, at 32 Williamson Ave., Bloomfield, NJ, 07003. The meeting provides a personal, round-robin setting, where each writer performs a song live, then receives feedback from the other participants.

Garden State Songwriters, Inc. Contact: Michael A. Michnya (secretary/treasurer) at 609-601-0352. Garden State Songwriters, P.O. Box 424 Somers Point, NJ 08244. E-mail: [email protected]. Currently, this association hosts an open mic at the Borders Bookstore in Mays Landing, Nj, (609-407-1960) on the second Friday of every month, and a monthly “member’s and invited guests” song critique circle on the last Tuesday of every month in Ocean City.

NJ Songwriters In The Round. Contact Deb Ferrara (Host & Coordinator) via e-mail at [email protected]. NJ Songwriters In The Round is a once monthly gathering of singer/songwriters who showcase their original music in an intimate, acoustic setting. The event takes place every third Tuesday at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ. Four songwriters are featured per show. For further information and an event calendar, click this Website

The Folk Project. This large, non-profit group has about 600 member. It is not limited to songwriting, but also features concerts, workshops, music parties and festivals in New Jersey. Website

South Jersey NSAI. Contact co-coordinators Michael A. Michnya (609-601-0352) or Butch Josephs. E-mail: [email protected]. This group recently launched in September 2000. They meet once per month, which includes songwriting lesson plans formulated by NSAI, and song critiques, which include live music performances.

Songwriters Guild Of America (SGA), New Jersey (Administration Office; main contact point for SGA). Rundi Ream, Chief Operating Officer. 1500 Harbor Boulevard, Weehawken, NJ, 07086. 201-867-7603. The Songwriters Guild of America (SGA) founded in 1931, is a voluntary songwriter association run by and for songwriters. It is devoted exclusively to providing songwriters with the services and activities they need to succeed in the business of music. The preamble to the SGA constitution charges the board to take such lawful actions as will advance, promote and benefit the profession. Services of SGA cover every aspect of songwriting including the creative, administrative and financial. SGA’s non-profit educational foundation was created to aid and educate writers through university scholarship grants and various Guild programs which are offered at the lowest possible cost. Songwriting workshops are taught by leading professional writers in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles. Classes run for varying lengths and are offered on different levels for beginning or more advanced writers. Song Critique sessions are conducted regularly presenting members with the opportunity to play their songs and receive constructive criticism from peers and professionals. Guests include some of the industry’s most prominent writers, artists, publishers, producers, managers, and attorneys. For more information go to their Website or contact the New Jersey office at 201-867-7603, or e-mail: [email protected].

New Mexico

Santa Fe Songwriters Circle. A monthly gathering for songwriters in or near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Meets the first Tuesday of every month. Hosted by local songwriter, Bill O’Hanlon. Website