This service provides valuable feedback and a detailed analysis of your lyric. Each lyric submitted shall receive a comprehensive evaluation, with every line of your lyric being closely reviewed. We will make suggestions on how you can perfect your lyric.

If you send your lyrics via email, we will paste your lyrics into our Lyric Evaluation format, and carefully review and make comments on many of your specific lines. We will spotlight which lyric lines are already excellent, and which lines and phrases that may need further development.

At this time, Dale Kawashima (veteran music publisher/A&R and Head of SongwriterUniverse) will be writing every Lyric Evaluation. The evaluation will be a detailed, typed analysis of every facet of your lyric.


I would like to thank Dale Kawashima for the professional way he has evaluated my lyrics. The evaluation was clear, clean and very professional. I am very happy with the results. Not only are the evaluations are the most affordable, but the best quality by far! I am more than pleased.
Jan L. Mateboer
Steenwijk The Netherlands   I
Dale Kawashima provides insightful and precise critiques that have helped make my average lyrics good, and my good lyrics great. Not only will Dale make comments, line by line, on what works and what doesn't in a lyric, but he gives suggestions on how to improve a lyric's structure, ideas and marketability - all with sensitivity to artistic integrity. I can honestly say that Dale has helped me become a better songwriter. For example, as a result of his lyric critiques, I have rewritten and improved several songs, including my song "Glide," which ended up being selected as one of the Top Five Songs in the SongwriterUniverse monthly song contest.
Larry Hamlet
Memphis, TN   I

Fees & Instructions

You can submit your lyrics for review to SongwriterUniverse via email, or by mailing the lyric sheet to us. You have a choice of submitting a three lyrics for evaluation, or one lyric for evaluation.

  • The fee for the Three Lyric Evaluation is $60.00 U.S.
  • The fee for the One Lyric Evaluation is $30.00 U.S.


Here is the procedure:

To submit lyrics via email, please paste your lyrics into the actual text of your email (and not in an attachment), and send it to the following address: [email protected]. Also, please indicate what genre of music, and what tempo, that you envision your lyric for. For payment, please pay via PayPal credit card by scrolling down and clicking the appropriate “Add To Cart” button.

All submittals will be reviewed promptly, and your evaluation shall be sent to you via e-mail (unless you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope) within 7-14 days from the date we receive your lyrics and payment.

Note: Any submittals from outside the U.S. must be paid via credit card, or by money order payable in U.S. dollars.

To pay for the Three Lyric Evaluation via credit card, $60.00 U.S., please click the “Add To Cart” button directly below and follow the instructions. Thank you.

To pay for the One Lyric Evaluation via Pay Pal credit card, $30.00 U.S., please click the “Add To Cart” button directly below and follow the instructions. Thank you.

If you have any questions regarding our Lyric Evaluation service, please e-mail us, and we will answer your questions.