Dale Kawashima, longtime A&R/music publishing exec and Head of SongwriterUniverse & SingerUniverse, is offering his Individual Consultation Sessions, which consists of One-on-One sessions, which can be via telephone or in-person (if you’re in Los Angeles). These sessions can last for 30 minutes, one hour, or longer. The consultations are for individuals seeking guidance and input on songwriting and all music business matters, including the craft of songwriting, feedback on your songs, music publishing, how to pitch songs, label shopping, networking, attorneys and management.

Dale Kawashima
Dale Kawashima

Kawashima will answer any and all of your music-related questions during the session. He will closely listen to your specific issues and career plans, and then provide recommendations and information to help you achieve your music goals.

If you wish, your consultation time can be utilized as a song evaluation session. Kawashima will review your songs live (over the telephone on in-person), as part or all of your consultation session. If you would like your songs reviewed live, please send your CD to us in advance of the session, or e-mail your MP3s to [email protected]. If your songs are available online, you do not have to send us the MP3s; please just e-mail us the link to your site instead. Importantly, songs submitted for this service will become eligible to win the SongwriterUniverse “Best Song Of The Month” Contest, at no extra charge. This feature is optional; you can decline to enter the contest.

Note: In-person consultation sessions shall be for one hour or longer. If you live in the Los Angeles area (or are planning a visit), you can schedule the in-person session with Kawashima. Please e-mail us to request the in-person consultation session.


Here are recent testimonials for our Individual Consultations service:

I'd recommend Individual Consultations to any serious songwriter, or in my case artist/songwriter. The in-depth critiques help you understand how your material is being perceived by industry professionals - and the comments and suggestions that are made are incredibly helpful. To be able to have an hour with an industry professional and ask them whatever you want is to me - an amazing opportunity that is more than worth every penny. I'd say don't let your songs out into the world unless you've had a professional critique from someone like Dale at SongwriterUniverse.
Darren Moss
Melbourne, Australia   I
Dale, thank you for introducing your individual consultation and song evaluation services to us. You gave us invaluable insight on proper song structure and the many nuances that go into writing and performing a very solid and well-crafted song. As we move along in Lindsay's career, SongwriterUniverse will be the first stop we make before we submit to a big label or major producer. In addition, Lindsay received almost 90 emails on her song "Live It" from all over the world, complimenting her song It was very enriching to hear that about your music when you have worked so hard at it. Kudos to SongwriterUniverse and keep up the good work.
Craig Michael Vinarsky
Long Grove, IL   I

Fees & Instructions

  • The fee for a 30-minute, Individual Consultation Session is: $50.00 U.S. (phone consultation).
  • The fee for a one-hour, Individual Consultation Session is: $100.00 U.S.
    (phone consultation, or in-person consultation in Los Angeles).
  • Longer consultation sessions are available upon request.


Here is the procedure for setting up the consultation session:

E-mail us your request for a consultation appointment. Let us know whether you prefer the 30-minute or one-hour session (phone consultation), or the one-hour in-person consultation meeting in Los Angeles. Then tell us the approximate time and day that is most suitable for your appointment time. Also, let us know if you will be sending your MP3s or CD in advance of the session. We will then e-mail you back to coordinate the appointment.

When the appointment has been scheduled, please pay for the session via PayPal or credit card, or send a check payable to SongwriterUniverse by mail. When payment is received, the appointment time will be officially confirmed and the session conducted.

For payment via PayPal or Credit Card::

To pay for the Individual Consultation Session (30 minutes) via PayPal or credit card, $50.00 U.S., please click the “Add To Cart” button directly below and follow the instructions. Thank you.

To pay for the Individual Consultation Session (One-hour) via credit card, $100.00 U.S., please click the “Add To Cart” button directly below and follow the instructions. Thank you.

If you have any questions regarding our Individual Consultation Sessions, please e-mail us.