Connecticut Songwriters Association (CSA). Contact Bill Pere (President/Executive Director) at [email protected]. CSA is a large, well known organization with about 250 members, established in 1979. Serving independent and mainstream writers and artists, they host a monthly meeting featuring industry guest speakers and song critique sessions. They also host live showcases and concerts. CSA has many out-of-state members, and rotates meetings around different areas of the state. Website


Listings will be added soon. If you know of an association in Delaware which should be added, please e-mail us.


NSAI Chapter Ormond Beach. Contact Vince Legut at 386-677-4221. e-mail: [email protected]. This Central Florida-based group is headed by Vince Legut, who formerly headed the Casements Songwriters Workshop. This chapter would like to start up a new networking workshop. Please contact then if interested. All music styles are welcomed. Demo/work tape studio help available.


Georgia Music Industry Association, Inc. (GMIA) (formerly Atlanta Songwriters Association). Contact Loretta Peters (President) at 404-266-2666. P.O. Box 550314, Atlanta, GA, 30355. GMIA is a large organization, with about 300 active members and a mailing list of 3,000. They welcome serious newcomers in addition to professionals, of all types of music. GMIA strives to support and educate Georgia’s songwriters, performers, publishers, producers and other industry pros. They publish a newsletter, hold educational seminars, and monthly song critiques. The group also hosts annual showcase competitions for performers in many different musical categories. Website


Hawaii Songwriters Association (HSA). Contact Stan Rubens (President), 808-988-6878, or at his e-mail: [email protected]. Also, HSA e-mail: [email protected]. Established 27 years ago, this group has about 40 active members, who write a wide variety of music styles. HSA holds meetings once a month, which features song critiques, exchanging feedback and ideas, and discussing the state of the song business. Website