British Columbia

BC Songwriters Showcase Association. Contact LaRaine (President) at 604-581-7999. This group, which holds showcases and open mics of original music, meets every second Wednesday between 7:30-9:30 pm in Langley, BC.  For more details about the venue, showcase dates and details, please see the BC Songwriters website. Website


Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC). 905-681-5320. 3600 Billings Court, Suite 204, Burlington, Ontario, L7N 3N6. President: Stan Meissner. e-mail: [email protected]. SAC is an association led by active professional and amateur songwriters, committed to the development and recognition of Canadian composers, lyricists and songwriters. They host many live showcases, song pitch sessions with A&R execs and publishers, and songwriting and musician workshops. Many top, Canadian songwriters and artists are on the Advisory Board of this association. Website

Ontario Songwriters Association. 905-820-8846. President: Jason Johnston. e-mail: [email protected]. This new association hosts bi-monthly, regional feedback sessions, and provides opportunities for local songwriters to network. For more info, visit this Website.

Toronto NSAI Regional Workshop. Coordinator: Dan McVeigh. E-mail: [email protected]. This group holds meetings twice monthly through the months of September to June. Website

Nova Scotia

SAC Halifax Regional Songwriters Group. Coordinators: Alan MacLeod, e-mail: [email protected]; Lisa Genge (Burt), e-mail: [email protected]; and Joanna Butler, email: [email protected]. This association, meets at the Lions Head Tavern, typically on the second Monday of each month, at 7 pm. All songwriters are welcome.


Other Canadian Songwriter Associations

More listings will be added soon. If you know of any songwriter association in Canada which should be added, please e-mail us.