Dale Kawashima, longtime A&R/music publishing exec and Head of SongwriterUniverse & SingerUniverse, is now offering his services as an A&R Consultant to a few, highly promising artists (including singer/songwriters and great vocalists) for artist development, label shopping, setting up writer & producer collaborations, and introductions to top music execs & managers.

Dale Kawashima
Dale Kawashima

This service is different from his Individual Consultation Sessions, where Kawashima gives short-term feedback & advice in a brief, one-day session, For his A&R Consultant service, Kawashima works with a client for an extended period of time, tailoring his services to assist the music, creative and marketing needs of the client.

Based in Los Angeles, Dale Kawashima has an extensive background as a music exec who has represented the music of, and in most cases worked directly with: Michael Jackson, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Burt Bacharach & Carole Bayer Sager, Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly, Ray Parker Jr., Sony/ATV Music, Motown Records, Irving Azoff’s Giant Records, and Mercury Records. From 2006-2012, Kawashima was Executive Consultant for HoriPro Entertainment Group, which publishes the music of KISS, REO Speedwagon, Marilyn Manson, the Byrds, Sophie B. Hawkins, Jerry Reed, plus many country hits. He also utilizes his connections via SongwriterUniverse & SingerUniverse to successfully reach out to almost anybody in the music industry. Here’s the link to read Kawashima’s full bio.

Kawashima has longtime business relationships with Presidents of record labels, top A&R and music publishing execs, artist managers and music attorneys, hit songwriters and producers, music supervisors, plus music execs at Film/TV studios, ad agencies and video game companies. He has helped his clients earn Grammy Awards, platinum albums and Top 10 Billboard pop hit singles. He has worked in most genres of music including pop, rock, urban, AC and country.


Working with Dale Kawashima was an enlightening experience to say the least. When I first met Dale I was a strong guitarist and singer who thought he knew it all about songwriting. Scary as it seemed at the time, I'm glad he was there to show me my weak points. He taught me to second guess some of my instinctual ideas on my songs. He taught me to really think about "the song", not just how good the guitar riff sounded or how creative the melody was. Dale managed to put me in the room with a lot of incredible and influential people. Session to session was the life style I lived, breathed, and ate for a year. It's everything I could have asked for. One of these said sessions led me to signing a record and publishing deal with Cre8ive. Co, which is a company founded by (hit writer/producers) Evan Bogart and Eman Kiriakou. I owe everything I have at this point in my career to Dale and would vouch for him in any way that I could. He was an immense help to me and I'm thankful for every last bit of it.
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Kawashima provides his A&R Consulting services for a monthly fee which is negotiated with the client. The fee is based on how much time and resources will be needed to promote and help the client.

To contact Kawashima about this service, please e-mail him to discuss your company or potential artist. If you are an artist, include a link (no mp3s) to your website where your songs can be heard. If he is interested, he will reply to your email. (Please note that Kawashima will be unable to respond to most artist or songwriter emails, due to the large number of submissions he receives).